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Permanent Makeup removal

Effective, Safe & Professional

Being experts in the field of permanent makeup, our team is well versed in the many ways that pigment formulation and implantation can affect the removal process of your permanent makeup. Using delicate settings to achieve optimal results we are able to help you tone, remove, or partially remove your permanent makeup! 


Due to pigment formulations, there is a higher change of 'pigment flipping' in PMU removal, where the pigment can go from dark, to warm and then to black, or to yellow. Our method of staying 'one step ahead' allows us to guide you on your best options to achieve your desired results. 


Are you ready to begin your laser tattoo removal journey & want to know more about how to prepare for your appointment?

For more information, please visit our FAQ page, get in touch, or click the Book Now button below to book your patch test. 

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