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about us

ETR is the brainchild of Roxie - the CEO and founder of 'Elite Aesthetics by Roxie' and 'Bicester Glow Clinic', and Beth, an Elite Artist at Elite Aesthetics by Roxie. After noticing a distinct hole in the market for fast, effective and safe laser tattoo removal in the area, they took matters into their own hands and invested in a medical grade, pico second laser with MOPA amplification technology, AND 4x wavelengths for all colour removal!

With proven results, we will be removing your unwanted ink from the idyllic location of Launton, alongside the permanent makeup specialists, and laser hair removal and skin enhancing extraordinaries.

Farm Field




Owner of Elite Aesthetics by Roxie - Roxie has a flare for the creative and is highly experienced in the aesthetics industry.



With a passion for all things aesthetic, and an intense eye for detail - Beth specialises in PMU, Laser, and Piercing.

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